The Real Estate industry is full of hard working people who spend countless hours on activities such as prospecting for business (lead generation and lead follow up), scheduling appointments, showing property, filling out paperwork, doing presentations and the list goes on and on. As independent contractors though, very
often this hard work is done for very little ROI (return on investment). Unfortunately, in many cases, there is zero return for this time put in. It’s the main reason that although there is no ceiling on the amount of money an agent can earn, the Real Estate profession has an extremely high turn-over rate.

See most Real Estate professionals are independent contractors. While there are many positives to being classified as an independent contractor, such as tax benefits, there are also perceived negatives, such as no salary. It’s very often said that a real estate agent is only as good as their last transaction. No transactions, no income.

Through the rise of the internet, one of the new “in-things” these days is passive income. Everybody wants a piece of that “passive income” that’s out there (wherever out there is). Most people aren’t even sure what passive income is. For one thing, in most cases, there’s nothing passive about it. It’s hard work establishing any type of ongoing income. Even if most of the work is done on the front end of whatever it is that will bring this money in on a consistent basis. I believe, often, people are substituting the word “passive” for the word “residual”.

This is why I feel taking the time to write this and share the excitement of an EXIT associate receiving residual income is an important use of my time, as it may help somebody who enjoys the hard work of being in real estate but also wants to get a piece of that passive, oops… residual income, but in an industry they are an established licensed professional in already.

This associate truly feels like he received a raise this week. A real raise, similar to something someone with a real job might get. Money he can safely say today, in February, that he is going to start receiving now. Not money he hopes he will get if he works more hours or goes on more appointments or closes more transactions.

See, this EXIT associate did what almost any other person in our industry would do. He introduced a couple of agents he knew to his broker. He likes where he works and he did what any one of us would do if we are happy with the company we work with. He said “hey you should come work where I work”. Why not…. the training is wonderful, our technology is the best, we have all the tools needed to be successful AND the support all associates receive is second to none.

The difference between doing this at EXIT Realty and doing this anywhere else, is that EXIT Realty is now going to pay this agent an equivalent of 10% of the GROSS commissions that the agents he introduced earn. So this EXIT associate did something simple. He made an introduction. He did something once and he’s going to get paid over and over and over again. That’s the definition
residual income! The reality is that after introducing these agents ONE TIME, now that these agents have joined EXIT, this income truly becomes passive also . His job is done and he now receives this money going forward.

These two agents he introduced to his brokers have combined for about an average of $100,000 in gross commissions, yearly, over the past three years. It’s safe to say that after doing that for a few years already, these agents should do at least that going forward. Hopefully more now that they are with a better company. Even if they only make what they have already been making, that’s $10,000 in extra income for the sponsoring agent. $10,000! For doing what? For helping two agents find a better place to work. A better place for them and their families. He actually gave them an opportunity to earn this “free” money too, now that they are with EXIT. It’s truly amazing. The best part is that his 10% doesn’t come from the agents he introduced. EXIT Realty pays him this money as a sponsoring bonus for making the introduction. Absolutely brilliant!

So, both residual and passive income really do exist. The best part is that it exists in an industry many of us are already in. No need to go looking elsewhere. No need to build an online sales funnel, no need to drive people to a special website that handles drop shipments. It’s exists right here at EXIT Realty. The old way of doing business is on its way out. It’s not necessary to be only as good as your last transaction anymore.

Everyone talks about the disrupters across all industries these days. Disrupting things in a positive way. Well, if EXIT Realty isn’t the most exciting disrupter in Real Estate, then I don’t know what else you would call re-inventing the way an industry does business, with a revolutionary model like this. Take a look… you are going to love what you see, I’m sure of it.

EXIT Realty can give you a raise too!