But it’s not easy. I truly believe that statement. However I do not want to confuse the word “simple” with the word “easy”. Knowing which activities are necessary to grow your company is pretty simple, especially if the business you own is in an industry you have had prior success in, regardless of in what capacity.

I talk to business owners every day. Often they have exceled in their chosen profession working for someone else before making the decision to work for themselves. They know what they liked and didn’t like about the company they used to be with. They know what they, as employees, personally did to be successful in their chosen industry. They know what tools the company offered that helped them to succeed. They know what types of training the company offered, what technology their previous employer was using to help them generate more business and even how important getting support from that company was to their success. So having the knowledge as to what was useful to them as an employee should be helpful as they now know what they should be offering employees of their company. Simple!

This is where simple and easy are nothing alike. Sure, knowing what to do and even how to do it could be simple. Going out and actually doing these things well and doing them consistently, is not. Holding yourself accountable is not easy and holding others accountable could be even harder for a person that has never had to worry about the success of others within an organization. It takes a lot of hard work to build a business. Hard work is not easy. Holding yourself accountable for taking action is the most important thing you can do. Actually, it is taking massive action that’s most important to your success as a business owner.

I often tell people that have worked with me, who were not having success that it could only be for one of two reasons. They either weren’t doing the work or they weren’t doing the work well. If you put in the time and effort and you train and educate yourself in your chosen industry, you are going to make it. So hone your people skills, learn how to prospect for business, become a leader, learn every aspect of running a company, including which activities are necessary specific to your industry BUT none of it will mean a thing without taking massive action.

See… Simple! (not easy)