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All EXIT Salespeople Know They Are In Total Control Of Their Retirement With This New System.

They can create retirement monies at will, simply by assisting management in the recruiting process. Each sales rep that they sponsor into the corporation means more money for them later. Sponsoring is an assistance program for management in the recruitment process that is bonused residually as long as the new recruit stays with EXIT and generates business.EXIT is strictly single-level and it’s unlimited in its potential. EXIT associates can sponsor new salespeople anywhere in North America throughout the corporation and receive an amount equivalent to 10% of the gross of the production of the new recruits.

This bonus is paid out by EXIT’s head office on the closing of each transaction. This is unlimited in scope. They can sponsor in as many as they want. In this way, they tap into the energies of others and create financial leverage through averaging.

The EXIT Formula Pays Bonuses In 3 Ways:


10% Sponsoring Bonus

As an example, a $70,000 producer would generate a $7,000 bonus to the sponsoring agent. If this continued over 20 years at the same rate, then this associate would receive $140,000 in bonuses!

These bonuses are not based on individual brokerage profitability. As soon as the deal closes, the sponsor receives the bonus, usually within 72 hours, from EXIT Realty Corp. International, the franchisor. *

7% Retirement Bonus

Should the sponsor retire, then all the 10% bonuses that were being paid residually to that person, reduce to 7%, similar to a pension plan.

The remaining 3% is paid to the broker where the sponsor’s license resides. From this point forward, amounts equivalent to 7% of the gross production of all of the recruits sponsored in by this individual are received on closing as before.

This continues for as long as the recruits stay with EXIT and generate business. **

5% Beneficiary Bonus

In addition to the 10% full-time bonus and the 7% retirement bonus, another residual or perpetual benefit has been added. This is the 5% beneficiary benefit bonus that is paid out should the sponsor become deceased for whatever reason.

The sponsor’s pre-chosen beneficiary receives an amount equivalent to 5% of the gross production of all those he or she previously sponsored into EXIT.

  • 1. The Sponsoring Bonus is paid by EXIT to a maximum of $10,000 per year per recruited agent.
  • 2. The Retirement Bonus is paid by EXIT to a maximum of $7,000 per year per recruited agent.
  • 3. The Beneficiary Bonus is paid by EXIT to a maximum of $5,000 per year per recruited agent.

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